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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Further information

There is a limit to how much information we can get from the public-facing documents of major charities, but our user research has shown that there is a lot more the donor wants to know. Do they have ethical investment policies, for example? What about charity "Challenge Events"? Are they religious, and if so, how religious? What would £100 a year fund?

In order to get this further information we sent an online questionnaire to 15 charities randomly selected from our lists, and less than 24 hours later, we have received our first reply, hoorah!



Anonymous Simon said...

Care to open a sweepstake on how many more you get back? I may be overly cynical, but I reckon it'll only be another half dozen, and at least one of those will take a month or more to respond. Please keep us updated.

11:46 am  
Anonymous Michael said...

will you be posting the replies?

7:15 pm  
Blogger The Intelligent Giving Team said...


The information gained from the questionnaires will be on the site when we launch.

8:46 am  
Blogger The Intelligent Giving Team said...


As yet we have received no more replies...

8:47 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I think it is imperative that charities (often with limited resources)make a questionnaire like this an absolute priority.
When you come to analyse 'administration costs' of charities please bear in mind that enquires like this have to be dealt with.
Will you be sending a donation to the 15 to cover their costs in responding to you?

9:27 am  

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