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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Some conclusions

Having reviewed 400 charities in the blistering heat of East London, we have come to a consensus. These findings are not for the faint of heart. We name names and rank results.

In order of competence and based purely on outcomes, our ranking is as follows:

  1. Twister - loved for its retro styling as well as the combination of creamy indulgence and zesty refreshment.
  2. Fruit Pastille Lolly - a multi-coloured explosion on the palate, this cheeky little number boosts reviewer productivity. And brightens the place up.
  3. Magnum - the nemesis of the ordinary choc-ice. Extra points for the exquisite first bite. Almond variety particularly commended.
  4. Banana Lolly - a surprise entry for the Intelligent Giving team, but a fast favourite for its exotic flair.
  5. Feast - the chocolatey core sends you straight back to school, but reviewers couldn't agree if it was real chocolate. May drop off the rankings if found to be phoney.

Faced with such difficult work, feedback is essential. However rigorous the criteria used, reviews are always partly opinion, and we look forward to hearing yours...



Anonymous Neill said...

While I am partial to the delights of the Twister and Fruit Pastille Lolly, I think in terms of quality and pure indulgence, the Magnum should be top.

1:39 pm  
Anonymous Michael said...

Strawberry Mivvi.

retro style, real fruit flavour, creamy, icey, icey cream,, and a real sense of summer.

11:43 pm  
Anonymous BenR said...

Magnum should indeed be at the top. This clearly demonstrates that you people know nothing

9:36 am  
Anonymous ana said...

Strawberry Mivvi? Doesn't sound like it comes from these shores. Where do you get them?

6:19 pm  
Anonymous Jo said...

Down here at WDCS HQ in blistering Wiltshire we went with the Fruit Pastille lollies. All the flavour, none of the chewing.
Magnum's have a tendency to provoke weird guilt-related aerobic activity.
The Feast centre is clearly made of Good Boy doggie chocolate.

11:27 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The one downfall about Fruit Pastille lollies is the way they make you misuse apostrophes...

11:28 am  
Anonymous BenR said...

Good Boy doggie chocolate! How do you know what that tastes like? Eh? Eh? You work for the Fruit Pastille's (sic) company don't you.

5:30 pm  

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