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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Weighty stuff

We spent three months, on and off, deciding which criteria to use to judge the transparency of charities. We ended up with a blend of the Charity Commission's document, "Hallmarks of an Effective Charity", the Commission's guidance to accounts ("SORP 2005"), plus tips from work done by Charities Evaluation Services and the New Economics Foundation. We shared these with the voluntary sector via an article in Third Sector and an online survey. We then finalised them based partially on how easy they were to use.

We decided to apply them to Annual Reports & Accounts only - not websites or other documentation - for reasons mentioned in our earlier entry.

We have just spent a whole day debating the weightings of our final 42 criteria. Is the fact that a charity has its Annual Report on its website more important than say, whether or not it lists its trustees within the report? You've not heard discussions like it.

We've done our best. We're not going to publish the weightings partly because we don't have the time or capacity to keep debating them but mainly because we know it will be too hard to reach consensus. Significantly, we will apply the same criteria to all our reviewed charities - and it's only one of several ways you'll be able to rank charities.

Next year we will look at the criteria again.



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