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Thursday, August 17, 2006

The opinions carousel

  • Big charities are lumbering and wasteful, big charities are professional policy-changers
  • The contract culture means charities are torn away from their strengths, the contract culture means charities can grow and influence policy
  • Three-year grants distract charities from their work, three-year grants keep charities on their toes
  • Chuggers are a cost-effective way of attracting donors, chuggers give the sector a bad name
  • And so on
I've worked in a variety of businesses (publishing, new media, business consultancy) and I've never known such a range of polarised opinion. Is it a reflection of the diversity of the charity sector. Or is there nor enough research? Or not enough debate?

Either way, it will all be on the web site in our "Experts Opinions" articles. Also each charity will be able to publish its own response to our review on its own review page. We're hoping the dialogue will be useful and lively.



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