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Friday, October 27, 2006

Hello world (nearly)

Four days to go... and we decided it was time to show the charity world what we have been doing for the past year.

Yesterday we emailed the 332 charities we have profiled so far, asking them to look at their entries and let us know what they think. Their replies - good or bad - will be displayed on the site.

The 22 responses received so far have been encouragingly positive, many congratulatory. We were expecting a barrage of angry emails from fundraisers convinced we are out to get them, but it hasn't happened.

Barring one addled response from someone who seems incapable of navigating the site, people seem to have grasped that the purpose of Intelligent Giving is positive, and that we are not some evil force intent on destroying the charity world.

November 3rd is the official launch date but you'll be able to see the site on the 1st. We can't wait...



Blogger Francis said...

Super! I look forward to it.

12:29 am  
Blogger Mikemuses said...

Looking forward to it too. Just a thought but how long will it take to do *all* of the charities on the commission's books?

9:36 pm  
Anonymous Simon said...

"Barring one addled response from someone who seems incapable of navigating the site"

Hmm... I see two possibilities.

1) You need to think seriously about your site navigation. You invite a group of users who have a vested interest in finding things on your site, and still 5% of them get lost. How much higher will that percentage be among casual browsers? Have you done any user testing?

2) Your site is fine, and it was one particularly dumb user. (I treasure the story of somebody who, presented with a button labelled "0-9", asked where all the numbers between 1 and 8 were).

5:16 pm  

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